Manolis Karadinis is a musician, composer and astonishing bouzouki virtuozo from Athens, Greece. His unique style of playing incorporates elements of Rebetiko, Middle Eastern music, Italian traditional music, Flamenco and Jazz and makes him one of today’s most acknowledged bouzouki players in the world.  For some, he is world’s best. He has collaborated with some of the most popular Greek singers and composers and has given numerous performances in Greece and internationally.

In February 2012 Manolis Karadinis gave an evening seminar on the bouzouki in London, UK. The seminar is available on this website in two main parts .

In June 2013 we filmed Manolis again in Athens making an extensive analysis on bouzouki playing. We are currently distributing part of this filming.

Latest News

Introduction to Bouzouki - Dear friends, You can now acquire one more video from karantinis.com It is a beginner’s lesson on bouzouki where Manolis shows how to hold the bouzouki and the plectrum and how to use the plectrum. He also, shows some demo exercises and makes a very simple demonstration of the notes on the fret-board. We believe ...


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We hope you will appreciate the value of this video. We would like you to know that the whole production was done by a small team of musicians and technicians in London, who thought that this work is worth becoming available online. There is no big corporation behind this effort. Just Manolis himself and the guys who worked with him.

Generaly speaking this material is rare and valuable. If we produce updated versions of the same material, we will make it available to whoever has already bought the current versions. We kindly ask you to avoid the illegal reproduction of these videos. The revenue from the sales goes directly to Manolis and to the team who worked to make the whole thing possible.